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Physical Therapy

Home Exercise Plan

Neck Exercises

A tailored set designed to strengthen muscles, release tension, enhance mobility, improve posture, and reduce the risk of injury.

Knee Exercises

Achieve stronger, more flexible knees with our curated collection of essential exercises, crafted to target key muscles and ligaments, promoting both strength and flexibility.

Fat Loss Program

Hip Exercises

Our comprehensive routine includes a diverse range of hip exercises, providing a straightforward and effective method to support hip health and enhance overall mobility.

Shoulder, Arm, and Upper Back Exercises

Our range of exercises not only prevents common injuries such as shoulder impingement and upper back strain but also tones muscles, improves athletic performance, and enhances overall upper body health.

Rehabilitative Pilates

Home Exercise Plan

Be Kind to Your Spine

Most spine-related injuries stem from overuse or faulty movement patterns, which exert undue pressure on your spine. Learn how to be kind to your spine by relieving it of unnecessary stress.

Pain-Free Posture

Spinal rehabilitation takes time, but this program teaches how to move within a pain-free range and prevent compensation by other muscles.

Fat Loss Program

Standing Tall

This program serves as a springboard into fitness. It reinforces previous levels of training and prepares your body to become a better version of itself through proper muscle loading, coordination, and strength training.

Fitness Modules

Home Exercise Plan

Home Exercise Plan

Let us help you accelerate your recovery and healing. Access an instructional Home Exercise Plan as prescribed by your doctor or physical therapist.

Fat Loss Program

This goal-specific Fat Loss Program serves as the foundation for achieving true weight loss. Our objective is to create a healthy ratio of fat to muscle through a scientific approach to strength training. Minimal to no equipment is required.

Fat Loss Program

Senior's Workout

Joseph Pilates said, ‘You are only as old as your spine is flexible.’ This easy-to-follow workout will help you stay active well into your golden years, allowing you to enjoy a healthy, active, and fulfilling life.

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