Lower Back Pain- Facts and Myths

Lower Back Pain- Facts and Myths

There are many causes of lower back pain. Some of which include injuries, inactive lifestyle, poor posture, certain illnesses, obesity, and age. Although age is one of the causes of lower back pain, younger individuals can still be affected. It is one of the most common pains that we have to deal with, and it can happen at any age and for several reasons.

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

  • Lack of physical activities or being sedentary
  • Drinking too much energy/caffeinated drinks (as they intensify inflammation in the lower back muscles and contribute to the formation of kidney stones)
  • Reading in bed while sitting in a semi-reclined position (this puts stress on the lower back muscles)
  • Hunching while carrying a bag
  • Eating food that increase inflammation (white bread, red meat, pasta)
  • Too much lifting
  • Bending over the sink for more than 2 minutes (especially for tall people)
  • Poor sleeping position
  • Long drives

Because lower back pain is a common problem that has to be treated, there have been numerous suggested ways to deal with it. Still, it is better to examine and know which of these suggested solutions are true and which of them are just myths. The following is a list of facts and myths about lower back pain.

  • Slim individuals don’t suffer from lower back pain. – MYTH

While it is true that keeping your ideal weight can prevent lower back pain, it still does not guarantee that you won’t experience it. Because it can be caused by genetic factors, some types of back pain do not have anything to do with weight. In fact, in some cases, overly thin individuals can have a more fragile structure that can result to pain in the lower back region.

  • The best remedy is bed rest. – MYTH

For some people who suffer from extreme lower back pain, the best option would be to stay in bed. Keep in mind, though, that staying in the same lying position for a long period can actually worsen the pain as it creates more pressure on the back.

  • Physical activities should be avoided by people suffering from lower back pain. – MYTH

Exercising regularly makes the skeleton, bones, and muscles strong if done properly. Physical activities can prevent lower back pain. In fact, working out on a regular basis can relieve back pain caused by an injury. Exercising strengthens the body, and thus prevents back pain.

  • You can prevent lower back pain by sitting upright. – MYTH

It is true that slouching not only causes back pain but also causes damage to your back. But what is unknown by many is that sitting upright for prolonged time also causes lower back pain. The key is to lean back from time to time to prevent or to minimize back pain. More importantly, you should stand up at intervals because prolonged sitting is what results to lower back pain.

  • Lower back pain can be relieved by acupuncture. – FACT

To some people who suffer from back pain, medical acupuncture has been a great help. This form of alternative medicine has been adopted by some doctors because it provides relief from lower back pain.

  • Overweight people are more prone to lower back pain. – FACT

When you are heavier, there is more pressure on your back. It’s as simple as that. Therefore, keeping your ideal weight will help you prevent back pain.

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